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Meaning and Purpose: About

R&E Year 12 Term 1

Religion, Religion and Ethics, Year 12, Meaning and Purpose


Where to find resources

Library Catalogue – enter here

Search for books, ClickView videos and web sites through the Catalogue. Search by the individual’s name or by the Religion

List of some resources

Databases – enter here   
Recommended for this assignment, World Religions, History Reference Centre, Britannica.
Student Resources in Context is good for most bibliographies.

World Religions :Doctrine of God
Religious belief helps people make sense of the world in which they live and comprehend the experiences of their life.

Australian and New Zealand Points of View: Why am I here?

What are ethnographic methods?

Ethnographic methods are a research approach where you look at people in their cultural setting, with the goal of producing a narrative account of that particular culture, against a theoretical backdrop. As part of this you will look at:

·Deeds done as well as words used

·How they interact with one another, and with their social and cultural environment

·Language, and symbols, rituals and shared meanings that populate their world

How to do ethnographic research


Different Religious Beliefs

Sources of Authority

Most people have various sources of authority they can go to for help when trying to find out or understand something, or when making decisions about what to do.
The Christian holy book is the Bible.

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