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Referencing: About

  • When you reference you use the standardised style, APA, to acknowledge the source of information used in your assignment.
  • It is important (morally & legally) to acknowledge someone else’s ideas or words you have used.
  • Academic writing encourages paraphrasing information you have researched and read. Paraphrasing means re-wording something you have read in to your own words. If you use someone else’s words or work and fail to acknowledge them – you may be accused of plagiarism and infringing copyright.
  • Referencing correctly enables the marker or reader of your assignment to locate the source of the information. They can verify the information or read further on the topic.
  • Referencing also allows for you to retrace your steps and locate information you have used for assignments and discover further views or ideas discussed by the author. 
  • By referencing clearly and correctly, it demonstrates you have undertaken research on the assignment topic and located relevant information.

Sourced from APA Beginner's Guide 

Why APA 6th Style?
In 2020, the publication of a 7th edition of APA has been accepted by some, but not all Secondary and Tertiary Institutions.
The Tullow Centre will transition the change to the 7th edition inline with the update of Microsoft Word Referencing Tool.

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