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eBooks: Platforms

Sora from Overdrive

Click on the image to take you directly to Sora.
No password needed. 


Getting Started with Sora  - Instructions 

eBooks Tutorial


Where else can I access ebooks? 

  • BrigHub 

  • Overdrive/Sora and Wheelers 

  • From Library Catalogue (Oliver) 

Do I need to return my ebooks? 

  • Ebooks will be automatically returned to the collection when they reach the due date 

  • You can return ebooks early by clicking the button 

How many ebooks can I borrow? 

  • You can borrow any number of ebooks from both the Wheelers and Overdrive platforms 

Can I place a hold on an ebook? 

  • Yes, you can. Just click the button and you will be notified when the ebook is available. 

Where can I find further information about ebooks? 

  • Go to the Library Website and click ‘Reading Hub’ >"eBooks" from the list on the left 

  • You will find further information and short videos about how to use ebooks 

What are some benefits of ebooks? 

  • Access when you can’t physically go to the library 

  • Access to ebooks as well as audiobooks 

  • Can change font colour, font size, background colour to suit your needs (including dyslexic settings) 

  • Light and easy to ‘carry around’ on your phone, laptop or tablet 

  • Can look up words quickly and easily 

  • Both fiction and non-fiction are available (Overdrive is more specialised with non-fiction and Wheelers is more Australian focussed and includes a lot of audiobooks. Both platforms have a lot of fiction options though, so make sure you check both platforms) 

Who can I go to if I need help? 

  • Ask a librarian 

  • Mrs Hughes is the Tullow Centre expert on ebooks, but you can ask any of the library staff if you need help, Mrs.Govier ,Ms Chapman and Mrs Antcliff). 

Sora is for everyone. Short Video

ePlatform from Wheelers

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