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​​​​​​​10 Stimulus Questions to get you started.


1. What knowledge do you expect to obtain by studying this topic?

2. Why is physical activity important for young people?

3. How often should young people exercise per day? What are the guidelines?

4. Is organised exercise the only way to get physically active?

5. Understand what a school environment entails.

6. Why is the school environment important to this issue?

7. Does the school environment also include Admin Staff and Teachers?

8. Does the school environment include transport to and from school?

9. Read some examples surveys on how it goes about recording or identifying physical activity—look at the structure of a completed survey.

10. Analyse the questions asked in the survey. Are they appropriate for you to use? Can you adapt them?

Having all this background knowledge before you start can determine the appropriate questions to ask your respondents.

1. You will need to report your findings. How best can you do that? You must create a report but how will you present your data—graphs, charts or text.

2. Start to formulate your own plan based on the knowledge you have obtained.

3. Identify environmental barriers to physical activity in the school.

4. Identify target audience for your survey. Should you survey all students, some students in different year levels or students in your class?

5. Formulate some solutions to the barriers based on you own knowledge or what you have read. Your solutions can be part of the survey questions.

6. Write questions for your survey always keeping in mind why you are doing it.

7. Keep you survey simple.

8. Asking questions that promote the answers yes or no.
Use multi choice questions that require a tick rather than a lengthy subjective reply.

For example. I don’t exercise because:         

1. I hate physical activity              
2. I do not have time.             
3. My friends don’t exercise.
4.  There are no open areas suitable to                                                                                                                      exercise.
5. There are no showers or change rooms.

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