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Australian Ecosystems and Bushfires: Plant Adaptation

Science. Year 9. Interconnectedness of Life and Planet Earth. Australian Ecosystems and Bushfires.

Claim: Fires play a significant role in improving Australian biodiversity.

1. Biodiversity and adaptations of Australian native plant species.

2. Vulnerability of threatened native animal species. 

Set stimulus material

Database Articles

Bush regeneration: from the ashes. Australian Geographic Article 

Gale Science Database

Regrowing Australia’s forests my require human intervention

Australian Bushfires Ecological Damage

Australasian Science – bushfire ecology  Use the Search field to find resources in back issues.

Plant adaptations

Resources on the shelf

List of some books available in the Library  that would be useful for the topic.

Browse on the shelf in the 363s and 551s to find resources on bushfire and disasters

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