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Greenhouse gases; Nuclear Fusion Energy; Special Relativity: Information Sources

Physics Year 12 - Greenhouse gases; Nuclear Energy; Relativity

Click onto "Claim" tab topic you are studying..

Use the general information page to identify books, eBooks accessed through the Library

Databases are a good sources of academic papers, peer reviewed articles and scientific magazines.

Sources of Information

General site on Quantum Physics and Relativity Harvard Education

Library Catalogue

Search for books, magazines internet sites, ebooks and videos. Sample list

Physics books can be found on the shelf under 530


Use the Federated Search option, “Search other sources” through Oliver to find articles from all Databases simultaneously

Information Sources

How to search databases effectively can be found BrigNet>Brigidine Library >Student Support>Video Tutorials.


Academic Resources

Google Scholar can be used to find JStore articles which then can be access through State Library of Q


Access to other Libraries’ databases including State Library.

Explore their catalogue before you visit other Libraries.



Google Advanced Search good to help you refine your search.

See video on How to Search Google Effectively under >Student Support>Video Tutorials


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