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Heredity and Continuity of Life : Where to find information through the Library

Topic 1: D, Genes and the Continuity of Life Topic 2: Continuity of life on Earth

Science, Biology, Year 12

Investigate one of the following claims by clicking on the tabs above. This page will give you access to databases for academic journals and articles, books available in the Library,  videos through ClickView and entry to State Library Catalogue.  Use the online Glossary if not sure of a meaning of a term or a word. 

  • Gene therapy can cure disease. 
  • Genetically modified organisms can improve food production.
  • Human evolution is still occurring.
  • Populations with reduced genetic diversity have an increased risk of extinction.
  • Genetically modified organisms can provide us with useful substances.
  • Epigenetics have an important role in the development and adaptability of an organism.


Databases for Genetics


Brigidine Online Databases

Gale in Context – Science
“Journal of Human Evolution”

Science Reference Centre


Genetic Diversity

Glossary Biology Genetics

State Library

Resources from external sources

State Library – One Search – useful for databases we do not have for example JSTOR. However, JSTOR is a repository of some free journals, books, articles, etc. See below.
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