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Buddhist ethical responses to bioethical issues: Home

Divisions of Buddhism

Divisions of Buddhism

Divisions of Buddhism
Theravada Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism.

Mahayana Buddhism


Theravada Buddhism

The main branches of Buddhism. Khan Academy


Mahayana versus Theravada. YouTube

A short history of the Buddhist Schools
Theravada Buddhism (The School of the Elders)
Mahayana Buddhism (The Great Vehicle)
Vajrayana Buddhism (The Way of the Diamond)

Vajrayana Buddhism 

Theravada and Mahayana Buddhist Schools   Buddha Dharma Edu


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List of some resources on Buddhism Buddhism can be found on the shelves under 294.3.
Books on ethics are in the 174s.


Use “Search Other Sources”   in Oliver to find resources from all databases and other sources simultaneously.

An example of resources searching for the phrase “Buddhist Ethics”


Web sites on Religious Ethics including Abortion, Euthanasia, Reproductive Technologies, Genetic Engineering, Organ Transplant and Contraception. Scroll down the

Mahayana Buddhist Bioethics

Theravada Buddhist Bioethics

Buddhism and medical ethics: a bibliographic introduction

Buddhist Ethics Buddha Dharma Edu.

The place of ethics in Buddhism  ABC Religion and Ethics


Ethics in Indian and Tibetan Buddhism.  Standford Encyc. Of Philosophy. Includes chapters on animals and the environment, abortion and euthanasia

Buddhism. BBC. Chapters on ethics including, Abortion, Contraception, Animal Rights, War, Euthanasia and Suicide,  Organ Donation Capital Punishment and beliefs and practices

Buddhism and medical ethics Dr. Damien Keown, Uni. of London

Buddhism bioethics


Buddhist Bioethics  - genetic engineering, abortion, reproductive technology, organ transplant and other topics

Buddhism and medical ethics. Dr. Damien Keown


Buddhism and the morality of abortion

Buddhism and Abortion  BBC Religion

What is the attitude of Buddhists towards abortion  Buddha Dharma Edu.

Prolife, prochoice: Buddhism and reproductive ethics


Buddhism, euthanasia and the sanctity of life Journal of Medical Ethics

Buddhism and euthanasia Yeshe Rabgye is a Western Monk in the Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

What does Buddhism teach about euthanasia  BBC Religion

Buddhism and euthanasia and suicide  BBC Religion

Questions on life and death  Buddha Net

Buddhism and Ecology


Environmental issues: a Buddhist perspective

Buddhism and environmental ethics


General Sites (not necessarily Buddhism)

 sites on Religious Ethics

These sites have general information on ethical issues often mentioning the different religious stances on moral and ethical issues.

Ethics (9 aspects of Religion). Video

Khan Academy
Ethics: God and morality. Video

Religion does not determine your morality  The Conversation
So where do our morals come from, then, if not from religion? That’s a complicated question:

Religious Ethics



What is Bioethics?
Bioethics concerns itself with addressing ethical issues in healthcare, medicine, research, biotechnology, and the environment. 




Databases – enter here   
Recommended for this assignment, World Religions, Britannica, Global Issues in Context
See examples below:

Global Issues in Context


Stem Cell Research

Organ transplant


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 Bioethics is a branch of applied ethics that studies the philosophical, social and legal issues arising in medicine and life sciences.

World Religion online

World Religions online – Encyclopaedia of Ethics

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World Religions online 

Varieties of Buddhism

Buddhist Ethics


EBooks and Clickview Videos

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