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The Power of Jesus' Words: The Beatitudes: About

Religion Year 7 Term 4

Religion - Year 7 - The Beatitudes

The images reflect the messages reflected by the Beatitudes. 


Search for books, videos and web sites through the Catalogue using keywords such as “Jesus Christ”, “Bible-history of biblical events” or look on the shelves under 232. Look up the index of books for the word, “Beatitudes

Some resources from Oliver using the keywords of “Jesus” and “Beatitudes”


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The Beatitudes (5:3-12)

Jesus said the truly fortunate people are those who are rich in the things that matter to God, not those who have money, power, popularity or fame. The things that are important in God's kingdom are often the opposite of the worldly things we find so attractive. He gave this list of traits of people who find God's blessings:

  • The poor in spirit may lack money, fine clothes, luxury cars or even the necessities of life, but they put their trust in God instead of in worldly things.
  • Those who mourn feel sorry for any bad things they have done.
  • The meek are gentle, patient and ready to forgive other people.
  • Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness have a deep longing to obey God perfectly.
  • The merciful are generous, forgiving and compassionate. They try to relieve the suffering of other people.
  • The pure in heart are morally upright and sincere. Their thoughts and motives are pure as well as their outward actions.
  • The peacemakers work for reconciliation and understanding to prevent bitterness, family disputes, lawsuits, hostilities and war.
  • Those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake may suffer teasing, ridicule, discrimination or even physical harm because of their faith. We are not to seek persecution but to accept it cheerfully as the price of God's blessings.

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