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Biblical Criticism- Miracles and Parables: Information Sources

with reference to miracles and parables

Religion Year 9 . Information found on this page include access to the Parables, Bible Passages, Jesus' historical context and Bible writing styles and form.

Where to find information through the Library


Parables see below for the pdf file 

Form Criticism.

Styles, Form of the Bible

Web Sites on Parables

Three Worlds of the Text

World of the Text

What was life
 like at this time? (Culture and History)

What roles did people have at this time e.g. Prophet, Father, King, Scribe? (Roles and Relationships)

Where did this story take place? (Geography)

World of the Author

Who was the audience?

What was the Purpose?

What Characters are used to tell the story?
What happened before and after the story (Context)

World of the Reader

What relevancy has the message in your life? 
What meaning does it have for you and your faith?


The world behind the text is a window. Through this window we look to the past, to the time of the author who produced the text, and to the time sometime earlier in which the text was set. The general approach is historical.

The world of the text (also known as the world within the text) is a picture. This picture shows us the text as it is and what it says now through its literary features. The general approach is literary.

The world in front of the text is a mirror. In this mirror the reader sees oneself within the text, and sees other readers, the believing Church over many years, challenged to respond to it now and into the future. The general approach is theological (‘faith seeking understanding’).

The window, picture and mirror are ways of seeing the one beautiful scene. All ‘three worlds’ overlap and interact with each other. Biblical interpretation is incomplete if one world is unduly emphasised to the neglect of the other two. We bring our questions to the Biblical text and it – the Word of God – in turn questions us.

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