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Ancient Societies - funerary practices: Home

Beliefs, rituals and funerary practices

Ancient History. Year 11

Unit 1: Investigating the Ancient World. 
Ancient Societies - beliefs, rituals and funerary practices. 

Resources in the Library

Library Catalogue – Oliver

Search for subject terms rather than word for example: “China – history”; “Greece – history”’
Ancient Egypt                             932
Ancient China                             931/951
Ancient India                              954
Ancient Greece                          938
Celts                                             946
Vikings                                         948
Other Search Terms: Civilisations – Greek; “Ancient History”; “Civilisations, Ancient”.


Don’t forget to check out the eBooks. An example:  The Celts

Federated Search through Oliver

Using the Option “Search All Sources” on Oliver, it is possible to choose a number of databases to search simultaneously. An example:


Ask the Library Staff to help you access the magazines.

All about History, Issue 076. Eric the Red and the Viking Explorers
All about History, Issue 074. The Rise of Sparta
Archaeological Diggings, Vol 23 3 May/June 2016. A Handbook for the recently deceased.
Archaeological Diggings, Vol 23 Issue 2 March/April 2016.  Interpreting Egyptian Emblems of the After-life.

Religion and Early Civilization

Rituals, especially spiritual rituals were an integral part of early civilisations. Read more below:

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