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Vietnam War. NAA (National Archives of Australia)

Vietnam War. 1962 – 1975.  NAA
In August 1962, Australia's initial military commitment to South Vietnam was only a team of 30 military advisers (Australian Army Training Team Vietnam or AATTV). 
However, by the time the last Australian troops were withdrawn from Vietnam in December 1972, Australians had been fighting in Vietnam for more than 10 years.

Vietnam War. 1962 - 1975 Anzac Portal.


Vietnam War Stories ANZAC Portal. Primary Source

Australia and Vietnam War ABC Education
The Vietnam War was a war fought between North and South Vietnam in the 1960s and the 70s. How did Australia become involved in this war and how did it ultimately change Australia? Find out about the attitudes of the public to the war in the 1960s and 1970s, and how it shaped the Australian Government's decision to be involved in the war.

Vietnam War. Australian War Memorial

Supporting our Vietnam Veterans this Saturday

Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia


A Calendar of Military and Political Events

Chronicle of the Vietnam War....the Australian commitment (Fifth Battalion: The Royal Australian Regiment Association)

Other Primary and Secondary Sources

Cabinet Minutes – Withdrawal of Australian Force from Vietnam , 1971  NAA Primary Source

Vietnam Moratoriums, National Museum of Australia
1970: Moratoriums to protest Australian involvement in Vietnam War.

Labor Politican, Dr Jim Cairns addressing the first moratorium:
Our spirit is the spirit of peace and understanding. Our spirit is opposed to violence, opposed to hate, opposed to every motive that has produced this terrible war … we can overcome, ladies and gentlemen. Primary Source

Anti-Conscription Movement. “Or Forever hold your peace” Screen Australia. Primary Source
A pupil from Castle Hill High School delivers a speech about the support from students from the steps of Sydney’s town hall to a huge crowd of protestors against the Vietnam War at a moratorium rally.


A SnapShot: Australia in the 1970s: The Vietnam War My Place: for teachers, Australian Children's Television Foundation and Education Services Australia)

Australians in Vietnam. Photography, art and the war. AWM

Mick Storen & John Schumann, I was only Nineteen  ANZAC Portal

Song: “I was only Nineteen” YouTube

Homecoming by Bruce Dawe. Verse

John Frith, Cartoonist. Primary Source


ANZUS Treaty. National Museum of Australia

Quote from the Treaty. Primary Source
The parties to this treaty … desiring to strengthen the fabric of peace in the Pacific Area … declare publicly and formally their sense of unity, so that no potential aggressor could be under the illusion that any of them stand alone.


Media, Propaganda & Vietnam Global Issues.Org

The Media Role in the Vietnam War

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