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Soviet Union and Stalin: Research Resources

Humanities, Year 11, Term 4, Soviet Union and Stalin 

Databases - access to academic papers, journals, newspapers, and other media good resources to support your claim.

History Reference Centre

“Soviet Union” AND “Stalin”

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin  Columbia Encyclopaedia

United States and Soviet Union Relationships

Gale In Context Database
Joseph Stalin – various academic journals, primary documents and other links

Books available in the Library

State Library

  State Library of Queensland Databases – you will need to be registered to access these databases.

Use the Advanced Search using the terms “Stalin” “USSR” in the title and available “Online” to narrow your search.

Open Access Books on J Store
Search thousands of free journal articles and open access book chapters.

ClickView Videos

Playlist 9 videos on Stalin and the Soviet Union and his relationship with other world leaders


Britannica Database

Britannica is an excellent source for background reading.
Images and video are also available through Encyclopaedia Britannica


Video - Stalin


Primary Sources

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