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Changing Nations - Urbanisation: China; India: Megacities

Humanities - Year 8


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The fastest changing place on earth.
The social tension this creates is significant. To combat this problem, and to try to spread wealth across the country, the Government's plan is to dot the landscape with thousands of new cities. These centres will have new schools, universities and industrial areas all intended to deliver China a thriving, consuming middle class. 

Urbanisation - about

Resources available through the Library

There are limited resources available in book form in the library but the Databases are a ready source of information.Whilst search databases or the internet use this search string or part of it: “China urban*” social OR economic OR environment OR challenges OR management. “China urban*” “water pollution” OR “Air pollution”.


(Looking for) Data Sources


 Our World in Data - comparison of population expansion amongst India, China and Indonesia

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