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Place and Liveability: General Information

Humanities - Year 7 - Place and Liveability

Information, maps, survey

Information on what makes a city liveable

Liveability is an assessment of what a place is like to live in.

·Social factors relate to society and its organisation. Specifically, the social aspects of an area's liveability may include crime levels, access to education and medical care.

·Environmental liveability. Key aspects of this factor include climate, the quality of the area's design, architecture and access to green spaces (parks).

·Economic factors; therefore, include access to jobs, affordable housing, shops and other retail outlets.

·Cultural factors generally relate to a society's celebration of the arts and other intellectual achievements. Churches, recreational facilities, entertainment venues, public libraries, restaurants and its ethnic diversity are all evidence of a community's culture.

·Infrastructure relates to the physical resources a community requires to function effectively. Such resources may include roads, access to public transport and parking, cycle ways and maintenance of all these facilities.


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