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Introduction to Senior Business: Beddown

Business Report on Beddown
Technology and Design, Enterprise Education, Business, Year 10

The stakeholders of Beddown are the homeless, the volunteers, the mattress company and carpark owners.

Beddown has been built on the generosity of our business community, here you will find the amazing business that have helped make Beddown a reality and our affiliates who support and collaborate with us on a variety and range of different services.


Stakeholder Matrix – A two-dimension graph that allows for allocating stakeholders to a particular quadrant or category according to their level of influence (vertical axis) and interest (horizontal axis) in the project or initiative. Stakeholders will be analyzed to determine if they fit in one of the following quadrants:

High influence, high interest – Stay highly engaged with these stakeholders to ensure they agree with key decisions and support the project.

High influence, low interest – Work to keep these stakeholders satisfied throughout the project. 

Low influence, high interest – Keep these stakeholders informed on key decisions as they may have concerns that they are not able to influence. They may need to work with high influence individuals to share their concerns. 

Low influence, low interest – Stay in communication with these stakeholders and keep them informed to ensure their influence or interests in the project does not change.

Factsheets about running charities


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